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     Light source:

Fully regulated highflux light emitting diode (V-bin)

rated to 240+ Lumen by LED manufacturer




3.5 inches long, 1.1 inches wide



Exoskeleton of titanium and a heart of carbon fiber composites (battery tube) .



1 x 3V Primary Lithium Battery


Push Button in the back with momentary function,

with a rotary knob to smoothly adjust brightness levels



40min at the maximum brightness setting

250+h at the minimum brightness setting


     See Full Specifications



Satisfying our designers’ aesthetic taste was not good enough for Lumencraft’s engineers.  Their aerospace background only allows them to see beauty in performance and they were determined to make Gatlight an engineering masterpiece from the perspective of performance.  The new Gatlight sets the standard for performance, runtime, efficiency and reliability. 



The use of titanium and carbon fiber structural components is a design area in which our engineers are well versed.  Carbon fiber and titanium structural engineering have been the backbone of spacecraft design.  The titanium alloy used in the Gatlight Titanium is procured per military specification MIL-T-9047 because quality and reliability are not something that can be compromised.



A very high level of performance is achieved with a combination of electronic power conditioning circuits and an extremely bright, high efficiency white LED.  GatLight provides superior brightness and runtime in a compact package with an LED rated at 240 lumens of maximum output.


State of the art circuitry and copper core surface mount board manufacturing have been combined to create the Gatlight’s patent pending driver circuitry.  This circuitry is the heart of each GatLight and provides superior performance while increasing the usable battery life up to 30% as compared to the leading competitors while maintaining constant fully adjustable output power.


All circuit boards in the GatLight are manufactured to stringent quality requirements per IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610.



Lumencraft flashlights are complex systems and optical design is just as important as rest of the system design.  Lumencraft has used optical ray tracing analysis to optimize the design of the Gatlight’s optics.  Gatlights feature Lumencraft’s Hyper Prismatic Reflector (HPR) technology that provides a narrow beam with excellent dispersion characteristics over the entire beam angle.




No discussion of the engineering behind the GatLight can be complete without touching upon Gatlight’s impressive thermal design.  High power LED’s, even though they are relatively very efficient, can generate significant heat in power dissipation.  The brightness of an LED is often limited to the thermal efficiency of the housing that contains it.  To keep the LED operating efficiently the heat must be conducted away through careful thermal design.  Lumencraft’s use of solid copper core surface mount circuit boards quickly conducts heat into the structure of the flashlight and away from the LED increasing operating efficiency, brightness and runtime.


The Gatlight’s unique design allows for a much larger heat sink area and enhances radiative and convective cooling as compared to standard cylindrical designs.  Finite element analysis (a common tool used in aerospace design) has been used to study the thermal design and optimize the conduction path. 



Superior ergonomics are provided with a knob in the back of the unit for infinite brightness adjustment and a separate push button in the knob’s center so preset brightness levels never have to be altered to power the unit.  The power button provides on/off as well as momentary operation.



Gatlights are precision machined by Swiss craftsman at an ISO-9001 certified facility in the United States.  Lumencraft Gatlights are individually crafted masterpieces designed with the highest precision in mind.  To achieve this superior level of performance, each Gatlight is carefully hand assembled from over 80 components by a trained Lumencraft technician.  


The entire manufacturing process follows the strict Six Sigma process to ensure perfect quality every time. The GatLight is not only unique in its appearance but also a feat of engineering and manufacturing precision.



















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